How to charge old phone quickly

Charging is one of the common problems with our smartphones. The problem that arises most when our phone is old is the charging problem. The charge on our old phone quickly goes out. So after we need to charge again quickly. In some ways, the old phone can be easily charged very quickly. 

Fast Charge your old phone

Fast Charge

Let's take a look at the ways-

Keep the phone off: 

If you have to charge the old phone quickly, turn off the phone when charging. When the phone is on, all the parts continue. Power costs for processors, RAM, and storage. As a result, when the phone is being charged, the discharge begins.

Keep airplane mode on:

If you need to keep the phone on the phone while charging, keep the airplane mode. When your phone model continues, the battery starts to ruin. So closing the network and other wireless connectivity will save some battery. Which will help to charge the phone quickly.

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Do not use phone charge:

Many people play games on the phone or scroll social media. As it takes longer to charge on the one hand, the charge is faster. So do not do these things at all by charging the phone.

Use of Fast Charging Cable:

Use fast charging cable without using the charger with the phone. When buying a cable, make sure there is fast charge support. Don't buy too long cable. It reduces the charging speed.

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